The days are getting longer, the air is getting warmer, and your body is telling you it’s time to get outside. The warmer months are a great time to boost your mental health with some of your favorite summer activities. Maybe that means traveling to an exotic location for a much-needed getaway or staying close to home and connecting with good friends through favorite outside activities. Luckily there’s no wrong way to spend the season. Here are some tips for making the most of it.

Get Moving

Summer is the perfect time to take in all your favorite outside activities. Soaking up some extra vitamin D from the sun doesn’t hurt either. Here are a few suggestions, whether you’re looking to take in a classic or pick up a new hobby:

    • Take a hike: Hiking is a great way to spend time in nature, get your heart pumping, and quiet busy thoughts.
    • Pick up gardening: Some people find themselves slipping into a meditative flow as they care for plants in their gardens. Gardening is great exercise, too.
    • Go for a swim: Whether you’re dipping into a local swimming hole, refreshing lake, or a friend’s pool, swimming is a perfect way to get some exercise and cool down.

Celebrate the Season

Warm weather doesn’t mean always being on the go. Take a mental health break with a relaxing afternoon enjoying all the season has to offer with these summer activities:

    • Check out the farmer’s market: Summer produce offers a kaleidoscope of colors and tastes for your eyes and Spend a Saturday browsing between stalls and getting to know your local farmers.
    • Plan a picnic: There’s no better time to enjoy your local park than on a summer afternoon. Pack a picnic lunch (maybe with some of your farmer’s market finds?) and head to a nearby patch of green to enjoy this outside activity.
    • Pitch a tent: Whether you’re a seasoned camper or new to this summer activity, planning a night out under the stars is a wonderful, relaxing way to enjoy the season.

No matter how you plan to spend your summer, remember enjoying summer activities is all about relaxing. Come Labor Day, your mental health will thank you for taking in all that the warmer months have to offer.

About the Author

Kimberly Sandberg Aloha Integrative Health
Kim Sandberg is the owner and founder of Aloha Integrative Health and a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. She has two advanced degrees: a Masters of Science in Nursing as a Nurse Anesthetist and a Doctor of Nursing Practice. She has worked in a variety of settings, though the biggest impact on Kim and her work came from her 28 years of service in the Navy Reserve.

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