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Aloha Integrative Health

Aloha Integrative Health in San Diego, California, is an integrative medical clinic that brings a unique and dynamic model of care to the community. With an emphasis on holistic mental health care, the team is dedicated to assisting individuals in their healing journey from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other commonly misunderstood mental health disorders.

At the clinic, the team believes in treating the whole person—mind, body, and spirit—drawing from Eastern and Western techniques to provide complete care. Their approach to integrated health care incorporates complementary therapies, such as Reiki and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), to offer a comprehensive range of treatment options beyond medication management. 

The team understands that each person is unique and strives to create individualized treatment plans that address each patient’s specific needs and goals. By looking at patients holistically, they can tailor their approach and offer a more integrative plan of care.

The dedicated team at Aloha Integrative Health includes a board-certified psychiatrist, psychiatric nurses, and physician assistants who bring their expertise and passion to every patient interaction. With their knowledge, continuing education, and experience, they provide comprehensive psychiatric evaluations that ensure accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment plans.

Aloha Integrative Health’s team believes in the importance of nutrition for both physical and mental health. The team understands that a balanced lifestyle is crucial in today's fast-paced world, and they aim to support their patients in achieving that balance.

The clinic is committed to serving the community, including veterans, military personnel, students, and underserved populations. Their goal is to provide hope, opportunity, and full emotional healing to those they serve.

The compassionate team is eager to help patients discover and reach their mental health goals. To schedule an appointment in person or via telehealth, call Aloha Integrative Health today or book online.

Patient Reviews

She was very helpful and listened to my needs. We were able to work on a plan that best suited my needs, she was also very flexible with her schedule (I’m active duty military) so that was definitely a plus!
Clarissa C. | Sep 25, 2023
Lan Quach is a wonderful combination of knowledge and kindness. I am happy to have her on my personal PTSD recovery team.
Melissa L. | Sep 21, 2023
Very helpful with all issue and concerns.
Jamaan F. | Sep 21, 2023
She is very friendly. She listens very well. I highly recommend her. She is also very knowledgeable. I will give her 6 stars.
Emerito P. | Sep 19, 2023
Easier and much more pleasant to deal with staff when they aren't loopy
Chantal P. | Sep 15, 2023
Very kind and easy to communicate with
Pierce C. | Sep 14, 2023
She’s the best love her.
Janice B. | Sep 14, 2023
My Experience with Dr. Lan Quach was good! I haven't had no bad experience all positive vibes.
Eddie G. | Sep 14, 2023
I notice the improvement in my life with the assistance, guidance, and care of the excellent staff at Aloha.
Mayra R. | Sep 13, 2023
Very helpful, understanding, and knowledgeable. Gave precise and thorough explanation of treatment. Exceeded expectations.
Christopher D. | Sep 01, 2023
Lan Quach is friendly, engaging, and very knowledgeable! Have really enjoyed working with her!
Luz G. | Aug 31, 2023
I'm not sure yet if this therapy is for me. Going to give it another time or two.
Michael Paul D. | Aug 30, 2023
Hayley C. | Aug 26, 2023
Super Pleasant, approachable, professional and knowledgeable. Not only does she answer questions you may have, but asks questions without making you feel inadequate, uncomfortable or problematic. You leave the conversation with a better understanding of your mental health journey moving forward and adjusting medication as you progress with your care
Arlene Y. | Aug 25, 2023
Quick and easy.
Ted W. | Aug 16, 2023
My provider was patient, personable, and genuine in recommendations for the best form of treatment.
Erica M. | Aug 11, 2023
Dr. Lan Quach is very attentive to my needs. She's patient and kind with her words. She's never judgemental, as a client that's important.
Jalina B. | Aug 01, 2023
Ms Lan is easy to communicate with because of her confident manner. she took control of the connection with direct questions that helped me to express and clarify my depression anxiety and grief. I did also feel in control and afterwards reassessed my answers. I felt heard and I know this because my answers resonated internally with me. My mind return to her questions and I affirm my answers to myself. This is a therapeutic experience that I valued and look forward to her secure communication style.
Rebecca G. | Jul 30, 2023
Lan Quach is awesome. Very knowledgeable, engaging, and friendly.
Luz G. | Jul 27, 2023
Great service!
Joey S. | Jul 19, 2023
Very professional !!! I am a very satisfied patient.
Jason J. | Jul 11, 2023
She’s great!
Jung C. | Jun 29, 2023
I had a great experience with Dr Revels. She was very accomodating, professional and nothing short of amazing! I'd definitely reccomend her to anyone five times over.
George R. | Jun 27, 2023
Very attentive to my needs and provides exceptional care
Eric C. | Jun 25, 2023
Very attentive and made sure I was comfortable with what she was going to prescribe me
Derrick S. | Jun 22, 2023
Kelly T. | Jun 21, 2023
Prompt and polite.
Melanie C. | Jun 20, 2023
The provider was very knowledgeable and help me with my healing path. Im glad I contact this person for help.
Rubi C. | Jun 17, 2023


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