New year, new you. I’m sure that you have heard this before and have taken it to heart when thinking about your resolutions. This year you probably have resolved to continue good practices, change an undesired behavior, accomplish a personal goal, or just improve your life in general. One resolution, however, that you should consider incorporating to help improve your health is medication management.

Medication management is a treatment system that is used to ensure you receive optimal therapeutic outcomes for the prescription medications that you may be taking. Medication management can help educate you so that you are confident your prescriptions are prescribed properly for your specific ailments.

The strategy behind medication management involves evaluating the need for your medications. This allows for a closer look at the possible side effects of each cause and can determine if you are taking medications that are no longer benefiting you. Medication management allows for a holistic view of all medications as sometimes you might see doctors who work in different specialties and who have no communication with each other when prescribing medications.

Once an initial evaluation has been completed, all prescriptions and over-the-counter medications are monitored to ensure that none of the medications are causing side effects that are negatively impacting your quality of life. Ensuring that you are taking the prescribed dosages at the correct time is another large component of the ongoing review process. Medication management also provides critical education as what you are experiencing may be too complicated for you to understand or manage by yourself.

Here at Aloha Integrative Health, we truly believe that medication management is an important aspect of your overall mental health. Lan Quach and Theresa Timony are two members of our team that are available to get your resolution of medication management started on the right foot. You can expect the highest level of care, making sure to provide personalized therapy and collaborative care to help deliver optimal results when it comes to your medications. Contact Aloha today to schedule time with Lan or Theresa.


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