Dr. Theresa Timony

Dr. Theresa Timony

IFM, ReCODE 2.0, FMCA, ASCH, HeartMath, Reiki master, MSBR, MSC, APNA, CANP, ANA

Theresa Timony is a board-certified, licensed psychiatric nurse practitioner. She graduated from the University of San Diego and obtained additional training from top-rated integrative brain health training programs. She prefers to use a biological systems based, Functional Medicine lens, in her approach to help you find healing. Before prescribing psychiatric medications she first assesses all contributing factors to your symptoms (inflammation, toxins, infections, and many types of stresses). Stress can cascade into many health impacts: sleep, mood/anxiety, digestion, ability to produce/balance hormones/neurotransmitters, immunity, energy, etc. Sometimes non-pharmaceutical approaches to balancing physiologic systems go a long way in helping restore mental and physical health. After a thorough assessment, she guides each client through exploring evidence-based treatment options so they can progress toward healing and becoming the best version of themselves. She provides a non-judgmental, strengths-based approach to help each client reach their unique goals in manageable steps at a pace that is right for them at this point in their healing journey.


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