Markus Ploesser, MD

Markus Ploesser, MD

Dr. Markus Ploesser, MD is Board Certified in General and Forensic Psychiatry through ABPN. Dr. Ploesser is also a diplomate of ABPS in Integrative Medicine. He completed his Psychiatry residency training at the Columbia University and his fellowship training in Forensic Psychiatry at the University of Washington. He is also a graduate of Columbia University School of Law in the LLM program. Dr. Ploesser completed additional fellowship training in integrative medicine at the University of Arizona. His areas of expertise include adult ADHD, holistic, and integrative medicine. He is also specializing in forensic psychiatry and evaluations. Dr. Ploesser is interested in Integrative Medicine and prefers to minimize the need for prescription medications.

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