Change Your Diet With The Change of Seasons. How To Stay Hydrated Through A Healthy Seasonal Diet, Fall Edition.

Fall is a fabulous time of the year. The cool air starts creeping in, the leaves change, displaying a brilliant landscape of color and there are so many great Fall activities to partake in. One thing we might not associate with the Fall is an increased risk of dehydration. This time of year, surprisingly, brings with it the driest weather that most of us associate with winter.

With the cooler weather, keeping up with drinking water might not be top of mind and this can lead to some serious consequences. We all know that dehydration can cause fatigue, headaches, and can impair many important functions of our bodies. Dehydration can also inhibit our ability to fight off illness. Germs and bacteria spread more easily in the cooler weather, making us more likely to get sick if we are not staying hydrated.

Another reason to stay hydrated is that the cool, dry air can cause your skin to dry out and chap. By drinking water, you can keep your skin healthier and there is less of a chance that it will become itchy and flaky. This does not sound appealing especially when you have been looking forward to sweater weather.

During the Fall we need to be more deliberate and proactive when it comes to our hydration. This can be a challenge, but we have put together some tips to help:

  • A great way to ensure that you stay hydrated during the Fall is by incorporating more fruits into your diet. Fruit is an excellent source of water and nutrients such as vitamin C, which is good for your health. Some Fall favorites to look for are:
    • Cranberries: 87% water
    • Pears: 84% water
    • Apples: 84% water
  • In addition to fruits, you should also look to eat more vegetables when trying to stay hydrated during the Fall. Vegetables are also a good source of water and there are great options when it comes to including them in your diet. Here are some options to think about:
    • Zucchini: 97% water
    • Pumpkin: 90% water
    • Brussels Sprouts: 86% water
    • Sweet Potato: 73% water
  • While on the topic of food, ensuring that you are eating enough salt in your diet is another way to stay hydrated. Salt helps your body retain water which in turn will help you with hydration. Take advantage of the cooler weather and warm up with a yummy bowl of soup or some pre-game football snacks.
  • Lastly, a great way to keep you motivated to drink more water is to get creative with your drinks. Plain water can get boring so spice it up. Make yourself a cup of warm lemon, honey water, or mix water with sea salt and maple syrup. Another great option is to mix chia seeds into a glass of coconut water. There are so many options to keep things delicious and interesting while staying hydrated.

Final Thoughts

Even though it might be time to pack away that swimsuit, it’s not time to pack away that water bottle. Cooler weather doesn’t mean that you should stop drinking water. To stay healthy, happy, and hydrated, keep that water bottle filled and get creative with your diet.

With temperatures dipping as we approach Fall, there is no better time than now to start thinking about ways to stay hydrated. IV hydration is a great option to add to your regimen to make sure that you stay on top of your fluid intake. Call today to schedule a consultation to find out more about how IV hydration therapy can help you feel your best this season.


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